Zarx is a melee-assassin, using twin daggers to unleash a lightning fast, and equally unrelenting, assault on anyone who opposes him. 

If Ronda likes to single out a target and bring them towards danger, Zarx likes to bring the danger directly to his unsuspecting prey. This adept of darkness can place a Deadly Mark that increases his damage on his bounty or cover the area with Smokescreen that changes his surroundings to his advantage. He can also avoid every obstacle between him and his prey with Ghostly Strike, dealing a lethal blow in the process. And after a few more blows, he can repeat the process all over again with Agility.

His runes all the more make him more deadly. He has runes that either turn him into a one-strike assassin, dealing enough damage within a few seconds to obliterate his mark. On the other hand, he also has runes that defang his prey, reducing their damage, silencing them, or even taking away their ability to fight back.


Basic Attack Icon

Basic Attack

Zarx strikes his enemies with his two blades/

  • Hatred Strike
Deadly Mark

The hero throws a dagger at the priority target, dealing damage and marking them for 5sec. The mark can be removed with a basic attack, dealing additional damage.

  • Terrible, Terrible Damage
  • Blood Infection
  • Aerodynamic Blade
  • Deep Wounds
  • Deadly Silence
  • Mutilation
Smokescreen The hero is surrounded by a smokescreen that moderately reduces incoming damage and increases outgoing damage.
  • Furious Strikes
  • Poisonous Smoke
  • Swift Wind
  • Enveloping Smoke
  • Thick Smoke
  • Impenetrable Fog
Ghostly Strike The hero moves in the selected direction and deals damage with daggers in front of himself when he arrives.
  • Striving to Kill
  • Seek and Destroy
  • Destruction
  • Weakening Wave
  • Stunning Attack
  • Vengeance
Agility After successfully performing a series of basic attacks, the hero reduces the cooldown of Deadly Mark by 50%. The effect can be applied no mor than once per 10sec.
  • Renew

== Runes

Level 1 RunesEdit

Terrible, Terrible Damage Damage for removing the mark is increased.
Blood Infection The mark reduces healing received by the target.
Aerodynamic Blade Range of Deadly Mark is increased.
Deep Wounds The Deadly Mark target begins to bleed every second.

Level 2 RunesEdit

Renew Agility cooldown time reduced.
Life Absorption Killing a mion restores a small amount of health.
Lone Warrior When there are no allies within 7m, outgoing damage is increased.
Hatred Strike Third base attack deals increased damage.

Level 3 RunesEdit

Furious Strikes The smoke cloud increases outgoing and decreases incoming damage by12.5%.
Poisonous Smoke Enemies in the smoke cloud take damage over time.
Swift Wind The hero receives increased speed while in the smoke cloud.
Enveloping Smoke Incoming damage to allies in the smoke cloud is decreased.

Level 4 RunesEdit

Striving to Kill Increases Ghostly Strike damage and range.
Seek and Destroy After using Ghostly Strike, the hero's movement speed is increased for 2.5sec.
Destruction Ghostly Strike on a marked target deals high additional damage and does not remove the mark.
Weakening Wave Ghostly Strike damage moderately reduces the target's ongoing damage for 5sec.

Level 5 RunesEdit

Deadly Silence When the Deadly Mark is applied, its target becomes silenced for 1.5sec.
Thick Smoke

Smokescreen slows down enemies.

Stunning Attack Ghostly Strike damage stuns the target for 1.15sec.
Impenetrable Fog Smokescreen blinds enemies, preventing from hitting with basic attack.

Level 6 RunesEdit

Vengeance Removing the Deadly 'Mark' reduces the cooldown time of Ghostly Strike by 12sec. Can happen no more than once ever 18sec.
Mutilation Deadly Mark can only be removed with third base attack, which also stuns the target for 1sec and causes bleeding. Can happen no more than once ever 18sec.

Tips and Strategies Edit


Ability and Rune TipsEdit

  • Basic Attacks
    • TBA
  • Barrel
    • TBA
  • Boost
    • TBA
  • Nosedive
    • TBA
  • Renew
    • TBA

Combos and Co-opsEdit

  • Solo Combos
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  • Rune Combos
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  • Notable Character Co-ops
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  • Notable Opponents
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Zarx originated from the planet Kresh, one of the 137 so-called “Dark Planets” that have been captured by the School of Haan. Even before the takeover, Kresh was far from one of the most popular places in the universe, at least due in part to only possessing narrow habitable oases along the equator. The inhabitants actively contribute to this trait as well, as the people on Kresh consist of wild tribes which are approximately at the level of a primitive society. After becoming a Dark Planet, the population became a copy of other Haan worlds and the population had undergone a rite of rebirth of darkness, becoming followers of the new religion.

The School of Haan itself is a religious philosophical group which appeared over 300 years ago and rapidly took a level of popularity in the galaxy. The essence of the teachings lie in adopting darkness and to worship it. The rite of rebirth that planets must undergo results in degeneration of emotions for all of the Haan adepts. Additionally, their skin acquires a special purple tint during the process, which appears to improve their strength, speed, and reflexes. These new, highly aggressive, doctrine-adepts of darkness seize other worlds, forcing their inhabitants to accept their teachings or become ruthlessly exterminated.

Within the religion also exists Prophets – those that have reached a full merge with the darkness. Prophets travel the galaxy to find disciples for the darkness. It’s a never ending cycle that ensures a constant influx of followers, leaving little choice in the matter to those that are approached. The School of Haan is a plague that could destroy the entire galaxy. That is, if it were not for the Devourer.

The Dark Planet Haan was one of the first he destroyed, with the Galactic Government deciding to not intervene, thereby cleaning up their problem with these followers of darkness. The Guardian Corps themselves made no attempt to conduct rescue operations in the sector where Haan was located. Unfortunately, Kresh was also in this same sector.

Zarx was only one step away from becoming a new Prophet. His synchronization with the darkness was almost perfect. It didn’t require much: a pilgrimate to the sacred source of the darkness – an asteroid in the Corrib system where the first Haan Prophet was indulged by darkness itself. During his pilgrimage, the Devourer destroyed Kresh and in turn left Zarx as the last of his kind. Interestingly, this is not his only unique trait.

The school of Haan was transformed, turning their attention to worshipping the Devourer as a god as foretold by the Prophets. For them, it was an embodiment of darkness, a god of destruction, which would devour the whole universe. It is members of Haan that became the first Devourer cultists and now seek to release the Devourer from its prison so it may continue to shatter the universe as we know it.

In Zarx' case, he remained a faithful adept of darkness and refuses to accept the Devourer as a god. Considered a heretic by everyone else, he refuses to change. His hatred for the Devourer proves to be a reliable source of power and a contribution towards his path to darkness.

Zarx found the Forerunners, requesting to become one of the Heroes. While the spark within him was full of darkness, it burned so brightly that they could not refuse his offer. It still glows strong, and Zarx is one of the most dangerous and charismatic Heroes in the Arena. A machine of death, drawing his strength through the hatred of everything that surrounds him.

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  • During beta-testing, he was called the Avenger.
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