Warrior class heroes are the ones to initiate battle and to force enemy into the battle. They usually have abilities with crowd control that helps to keep enemy in the battle and make them stay away from other team members. There are two types of Warrior Heroes in Planet of Heroes. Tanks and Fighters.

The Tank is a sub-class of the Warrior. These heroes specialize in controlling the battlefield and moving enemies around on it. Tanks can withstand a focused attack by a hero, so they have the highest survivability in the class and can survive a few seconds of focused attack by two Assassins. Tanks have crowd control abilities, as well as abilities that allow them to knock enemies back and move them around the battlefield. A portion of a tank’s survivability can also be invested in defensive abilities. Tanks’ offensive abilities typically deal AoE damage.

Fighters are focused on attacking one enemy and removing them from battle. To do this, fighters have control abilities, can move one enemy, and have targeted offensive abilities. Fighters have high survivability, though not quite as high as tanks.

The Warrior characters available to play are:

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