The galaxy needs heroes.

For many years, heroes were solely represented and idolized as the Guardian Corps. Together, these stealth masters, weapon experts, and virtuoso hand-to-hand combatants were the foundation that held together the Galactic Government. All of their special operations against thousands of criminals & rebels were publicly broadcast to billions and their lawful glory shone brighter than that of a supernova. Of course, as is the nature of the universe, nothing lasts forever…

Three years ago, having sat waiting & since long forgotten, the ancient chthonic Star Devourer emerged from its black-hole prison. The epoch of the Devourer’s reign had begun, and one by one entire star systems were destroyed without warning. The Guardian Corps were powerless, faith in them fell, and the Galactic Government was forced to call upon aid from an unprecedented source – The Forerunners, first to defeat the Devourer. Representatives of an ancient civilization responsible for sowing Sparks of Life across the galaxy, they have since been in cryo-sleep awaiting their eventual awakening. This extended time away, however, has turned them into grumbling, decrepit curmudgeons without law or authority.

Having disbanded the Guardian Corps, the Forerunners set it upon themselves to establish a new military organization known as the Order of Heroes. The selection method used to choose these future saviors of the galaxy were incomprehensible and heavily debated. Perfect law-abiding warriors were replaced with scientists, poets, and even the criminals that had been the object of the universe’s disdain. Amazingly, the upstart Heroes and Forerunners managed to complete their mission by restoring the archaic Ritual Planet and taming the Devourer. While many of the Heroes and Forerunners alike perished during the battle, the deed was done!

Now it is up the surviving Forerunners to create a new black-hole, as the Devourer currently resides within the bowels of the Ritual Planet in eternal slumber. To ensure its rest is undisturbed, the Devourer’s repose must be supported by emanations from the most primal emotions: Rage, Revenge, Willingness to Live, and even the Joy of Victory. This is why Heroes, possessors of the Sparks of Life, must endlessly clash against each other in the Arena. From charismatic leaders to mighty warriors, the Heroes acknowledge no laws - they are great individuals capable of changing the course of history.

A Forerunner, known only as “Sensei”, seeks more than just Heroes. He seeks those who can control the Heroes in the Arena, ensure the destructive power of the Sparks is kept in check, and that it flows through the proper channels. These beings, these people, are known as Strategists and will lead both the Heroes, and the universe, to victory.