The Planet Edit


Welcome to the Devourer’s humble abode…

Within The Planet, the Devourer sleeps, subsisting on an “emotional diet” of rage generated during the battles in the Arena. This prison is far from permanent and merely acts as a holding cell until a new black hole can be created in an effort to keep the Devourer gone for good. The Heroes endlessly battle above, soothing this sleeping goliath.

The Ritual Arena Edit

The Arena itself is comprised of three “constituent elements”: Ancient architecture, modern gadgets, and “traces” of the Devourer. All of the ancient architecture refers to the ritual temples and structures left over from when the Forerunners still served the Devourer, prior to imprisoning it within the initial black hole. They are unearthly, majestic, but half rubble. Clearly furnished for human comfort in mind, but are clearly linked to the Forerunners appearance. Functionally, the ritual structures serve to catch the Heroes rage and feed it to the Devourer. Due to this, chalices and other such architectural images are entirely appropriate as they truly are collecting something.

The modern constituent element is what has been brought to the Arena during our time: Two ships belonging to Heroes, both located on opposite ends of the Arena and save as a base of operations during combat. Heroes are deployed and retreat here.

Towers – Modern structures created on the orders of the Forerunners to increase “emotional productivity”. A simple yet effective method as these towers serve as additional threats and divisions across the battlefield.

“Traces of the Devourer” refer to the Corruption, otherwise known as the warped terrain, gnarled growth, poisonous roots and so on that appear in the arena. As is typical for the Devourer, it comes to “poison” everything around it by its very presence. The Planet itself is no exception.

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