Planet of Heroes Wiki

The Specialist class mostly focus on helping team to survive with healing or protective skill, they also usually have abilities to make enemy heroes weaker or more vulnerable thus making them easier to kill.

Supporter heroes help allied heroes survive and kill enemies in the lane, which means that their primary objective is to increase the potential advantages or cover the disadvantages of another hero with whom they are teamed up. They have abilities that heal allies or enhance their defensive stats or damage. Supporters can also curse enemies, thereby weakening their advantages. In order to be considered a member of this class, hereos will generally have at least two abilities that are defensive and/or buff allies, and one ability in their arsenal that is focused on healing allies.

The Helper heroes are unique in that they have specific abilities that indirectly influence the flow of battle, but in a different way from a Supporter’s skills. A Helper’s defensive abilities could allow them to, for example, make an ally un-targetable or invincible, or sacrifice their own health for another hero who needs it. Heroes from this sub-class can also have control-type abilities. These could either be standard abilities (root, stun) or abilities that are somewhat different than those used by Tanks. For example, a Helper might turn an enemy into a harmless creature or create a zone that enemies cannot pass through.

Heroes in this role include: