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Sky'Lee is a long-ranged support, utilizing magic locked within her to manipulate energy, allowing teleportation and various clever tricks to help keep her allies safe!

The first support of the game, Sky'Lee excels in speeding up and slowing down her allies and enemies respectively. She lends her allies shields by teleporting to and from with Portal. She can also help her allies retreat with Energy Field when she's not using it to keep her enemies from doing the same. She can also do that with Singularity, not only slowing everything inside it down but also dealing damage-over-time! And on the rare case that she does end up not being able to escape, she can give herself a little more time to be saved with Chronocopy.

Her abilities are enhanced with by her runes that give her quite a bit of variety. She can make her abilities do a little more damage, increase the effectivity and range of her speed-based skills, or even start to give her added features such as silence and stun.


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Basic Attack

For the first two hits of the combo, Sky'lee will fire a beam to deal damage to a single target. For the third strike, the beam will damage all enemies in front of her.
  • Healing Attack
  • Tricks of Time
Portal The hero teleports to the selected point, creating portals that provide a shield to an ally at the point of her disappearance and appearance.
  • Persistent Portals
  • Vacuum Explosion
  • Temporal Acceleration
  • Enduring Defense
  • Temporal Silence
  • Quantum Swap
Energy Field A forcefield appears at the chosen point, speeding up allies that travel through it while dealing minor damage to enemies and slowing them down.
  • Great Wall
  • Weakening
  • Swiftness
  • Distant Field
  • You Shall Not Pass
Singularity The hero creates a black hole at the selected point that draws enemies into its center and deals damage over time for 5sec.
  • Doubled Gravity
  • Life Redirect
  • Supernova
  • Splitting
  • Giant Black Hole
  • Dark Matter Explosion
Chronocopy After receiving a killing blow, the hero is reborn over a 6sec period. If the process is successful, the hero is revived at the point where she died.
  • Temporal Pulse
  • Damage Redirect
  • Focused Chronocopy


All SkyLee Runes.png

Level 1 Runes[]

Persistent Portals The duration of Portal is increased, and each ally that enters a portal receives a shield.
Vacuum Explosion If a Portal is not picked up byan ally, it will explode when it disperses, dealing medium damage.
Temporal Acceleration Teleportation increases movement speed for 1.5sec.
Enduring Defense The duration of portal shields is increased.

Level 2 Runes[]

Great Wall Energy Field length increased.
Weakening Enemies passing through the Energy Field take more damage from hero basic attacks for 5sec.
Swiftness Passing through the Energy Field increases basic attack speed for 5sec.
Distant Field The cast range for the Energy Field is increased.

Level 3 Runes[]

You Shall Not Pas Enemies that walk through the Energy Field are thrown backwards and slowed for 2sec.
Temporal Pulse When a Chronocopy appears, enemies are pushed backwards.
Doubled Gravity Enemies inside the Singularity get their outgoin gdamage decreased by 20%.
Temporal Silence The first enemy passing through a portal is silenced for 2.25sec.

Level 4 Runes[]

Healing Attack The third basic attack in a combo heals allies around the hero.
Damage Redirect Chronocopy absorbs and stores the portion of incoming damage, dealing it to all surrounding enemies during resurrection.
Forced Chronocopy Chronocopy cooldown time reduced to 30sec.
Tricks of Time The third basic attack ina combo insignificantly reduces ability cooldown time.

Level 5 Runes[]

Life Redirect Allies inside Singularity recover health.
Supernova After contracting, Singularity explodes and deals medium damage in the vicinity.
Splitting Perioditc area of effect damage to enemies increased.
Giant Black Hole Singularity radius increased.

Level 6 Runes[]

Quantum Swap Teleporting to an enemy makes the heroes swap positions.
Dark Matter Explosion When an ally enters Singularity, all enemies receive minor damage and are stunned for 0.5sec.

Tips and Strategies[]


Ability and Rune Tips[]

  • Basic Attacks
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  • Portal
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  • Energy Field
    • TBA
  • Singularity
    • TBA
  • Chronocopy
    • TBA

Combos and Co-ops[]

  • Solo Combos
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  • Rune Combos
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  • Notable Character Co-ops
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  • Notable Opponents
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Lighthearted, childish, and a seeker of adventure – Sky'lee arrives to the Arena of Heroes with a youthful outlook on the universe that has since been lost to many of her fellow competitors. This runaway of royal blood gains her Spark’s magical powers from mysterious tattoos of unknown origin. Stored within glowing disks, the energy allows teleportation and even unleash deadly blasts upon her enemies in a moment’s notice.

Before making an appearance on the Ritual Planet, Sky'lee was one of the many refugees upon a massive yet over-crowded space station called The Tower. The perpetually floating hunk of metal has become a sanctuary for the inhabitants of Riarar following the destruction of their home at the hand of the Devourer. Thanks to the Forerunners interference, some of the population was rescued and brought to the station and are awaiting a successful attempt at finding a new planet.

Having never had the opportunity to see her home, Sky'lee was still one of the first to be saved from certain demise. Sky'lee herself is not a natural birth, but was a genetically flawless creation bred and born in a test-tube, destined to be a Riararan princess. Their only purpose is that of a forebear for the planet’s newest clans, and more specifically for that of an entire planet when the time has arrived they find a new home. However, Sky'lee turned out differently than expected by the breeders as something that was never quite seen before…

Sky'lee was born with special abilities that resembled magic, which originated from one of the Sparks of Life that was within her. Nevertheless, the power of this Spark was easily stored and manipulated, allowing Sky'lee to harness it as both projectiles and as a means of teleportation. This ability attracted the Forerunners to her, seeking Sky'lee to be one of the first candidates for the Arena of Heroes. The Riararan breeders on the other hand were unwilling to let her leave, as she proved crucial to the survival of their entire race. Their decision was respected, leaving Sky'lee to remain on the Tower alongside her people. Yet, a few months later, she appeared on the Ritual Planet to offer her assistance in the fight against the Devourer.

It turned out that Sky'lee had used her teleportation to escape the Tower and, after a series of misadventures, found her way to the Forerunner’s planet. She claimed that this battle was more important than becoming a genetic donor for millions of future Riararans who would, in the end, just be consumed by the Devourer. This is what she said, at least. In truth, Princess Sky'lee had an entirely different mindset. The prospect of spending years in a lab and sharing her cells with the breeders repulsed her. She would much rather seek to quench her endless thirst for combat, adventure, discovery, and insurmountable challenge!

Skin Gallery[]


During beta-testing, she used to be called Teleporter.