Planet of Heroes Wiki

Runes allow player to upgrade or otherwise alter abilities and appearance. Depending on the runes used, the hero can become significantly different from the default original state. Each Hero has up to 22 Runes spread across 6 Tiers. The first five tiers consist of four runes each and the sixth tier only has two. Once all of the Runes in one level have been obtained, and the player possesses an Account Level equal to the next tier, (1, 2, 3 and so on) they can start to gather runes for the next tier.

Runes can be combined together to make custom Builds that allow players to boost their desired abilities with the preferred upgrade. The Runes themselves apply certain types of effects to existing abilities, passive or active, that include:

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range
  • Increased Duration
  • De-buffs and Control
  • Defense and Team assistance
  • Healing and Support functions

Runes are obtained by purchasing them with a special currency earned in-game. Initially players will have access to the Hero's first Rune already unlocked and have two more accessable.