Roshan is by far the largest and most deadly foe within the jungle. So much in fact that he is virtually undefeatable in the early game. It is a very intelligent, confident, and conceited creature. It realizes that it is large and powerful, taking boundless pride in this and behaves accordingly.

Despite his deadly attacks and powerful abilities, the payoff for vanquishing this foe is worth the effort.

Attacks Edit

Roshan has a combo of three consecutive attacks, with the final one causing several targets to take damage within a cone-shaped area in front of him.

The first of his active abilities creates an area in front of himself in which all targets are launched into the air, taking damage and receiving a micro-stun upon landing.

During his second active ability, Roshan fires an energy cluster that deals damage to targets, applies a debuff to them that deals regularly-occurring damage, and slows down their attack speed for a brief time. If there are allies near the target, the cluster jumps to the nearest ally with a maximum of 2 jumps.

Rewards Edit

The entire team receives XP and a buff that increases attack speed and reduces cooldowns. Every additional Roshan defeated amplifies the buff’s bonuses making your team even stronger! The buff remains active for the remainder of the game, even if you die.

Additionally, be wary - the the buff is only granted to the team whose member dealt the killing blow.



1 Kill

+10% Attack Speed, -10% Cooldown Reduction

2 Kills

+20% Attack Speed, -20% Cooldown Reduction

3 Kills

+30% Attack Speed, -30% Cooldown Reduction

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