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A rebel who loves nothing more than to cause chaos, fight, and destroy!

Ronda's one of the first two Assassins introduced into the game, and this pink-haired, grav-suit-wearing bruiser likes picking out the squishiest of targets, taking them out of a safe spot and into a highly-dangerous one. She literally jumps right onto her prey with Nosedive and then forcefully drags them away with Boost. While those two already do quite a bit of damage, her own crowd-clearing attack comes in the form of Barrel as well, even rewarding her for those kills with her Renew ability, refreshing her abilities quickly so she can get back right into the fight!

Once she's been properly runed, it means one thing: once she's targetted you, do not expect to come out of it alive. Her runes either stun her opponents, rendering them sitting ducks, or drastically increase her damage. Even warrior-class heroes will be danger against her assault! 


Basic Attack Icon

Basic Attack

For the first two hits of the combo, Ronda deals damage to a single enemy in front of her with powerful punches. For the third hit, Ronda smashes the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within a cone-shaped area.

  • Battle Rage

The hero performs a circular strike, dealing high damage to enemies around her.

  • Ignition
  • Mighty Fists
  • Thunderous Strikes
  • Defensive Stance
  • Dispersion
  • Battle Rage
Boost The hero surges in the chosen direction, dealing minor damage to all enemies encountered and pushing the first enemy countered. Other enemes are shoved to the side.
  • Crushing Dash
  • Marathon
  • Finisher
  • Fleet of Foot
  • Pinning
  • Immobilize
  • Battle Rage
Nosedive The hero quickly jumps at the higest priority enemy within a large area, dealing high damage and stunning them for 1sec.
  • Shaky Legs
  • Earthquake
  • Destructive Jump
  • Stun
  • Priority Target
  • Murderous Pounce
  • Battle Rage
Renew Killing a hero reduces ability cooldowns by 20% and killing a minion reduces them by 0.5sec.
  • Accumulated Fury

Runes Edit

Level 1 RunesEdit

Accumulated Fury Killing a minion or hero increases base attack speed. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
Forest Frenzy Killing neutral monsters increases outgoing damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
Turret Protection Damage taken from towers is reduced.
Crushing Dash Boost ability now deals big damage to towers.

Level 2 RunesEdit

Ignition Barrel creates a burning area that deals damage to enemies within it.
Might Fists Increases Barrel damage.
Thunderous Strikes Reduces Barrel cooldown time.
Defensive Stance Reduces damage dealt to the hero for a short time after using Barrel.

Level 3 RunesEdit

Marathon Increases range of Boost ability.
Finisher Boost deals huge damage against heroes with less than 40% health.
Fleet of Foot Increases movement speed for 3sec after using Boost.
Pinning Forcing an enemy hero into an obstacle with Boost deals massive damage.

Level 4 RunesEdit

Dispersion Barrel pushes enemies away from the hero.
Immobilize Forcing an enemy against a wall with Boost roots the enemy in place for 2.7sec.
Shaky Legs After a Nosedive, the target is slowed for 3sec.
Earthquake Nosedive throws all enemies around the initial target into the air.

Level 5 RunesEdit

Destructive Jump Nosedive deals increased damage to all targets in the landing zone.
Stun Nosedive stuns the target for 1sec longer.
Priority Target Nosedive increaes damage taken by the target from all srouces by 25% for 6sec.
Murderous Pounce Nosedive damage is significantly increased

Level 6 RunesEdit

Battle Rage Base attacks and abilities influct a short effect on the target, increasing incoming damage from the hero by 11% per stack.
Caution When the hero receives a control effect, she receives another effect that reduces incoming damage for 2sec.

Tips and Strategies Edit


Ability and Rune TipsEdit

  • Basic Attacks
    • TBA
  • Barrel
    • TBA
  • Boost
    • TBA
  • Nosedive
    • TBA
  • Renew
    • TBA

Combos and Co-opsEdit

  • Solo Combos
    • TBA
  • Rune Combos
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  • Notable Character Co-ops
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  • Notable Opponents
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Ronda is but one of the trillions of humans scattered across the galaxy. Humans have successfully colonized many planets, but Ronda’s story focuses on just one – the megalopolis planet Gohem. The entire planet is covered by a city with a population in the billions and is considered a city of science, technology, and even the summit of engineering ingenuity! Even in these pinnacles of advancement, there are always the unfortunate bad neighborhoods and slums where the only rule is “might makes right” This is where Ronda was raised.

Ronda always managed to stand out, primarily by always being a ‘thorn in the side” of the authorities, as one way to put it. In the municipal school she playfully earned good grades for her knowledge and terrible grades for behavior. It’s even true that Ronda not only invited herself to join a street gang before being asked, she even quit on her own initiative after refusing to become the gang’s new leader! Ronda is, in the most basic terms imaginable, a rebel. By the time Ronda was 18, was living outside the law with no money or home. However, if nothing else, she knew how to fight. Ronda mastered the lessons taught by Gohem’s streets – “Never Fall” and “Hit First”. This led her to make a living through underground fights, with no rules of course. During a brawl she always a laughs, taking genuine pleasure in the fray and has never been shy showing it. Then Ronda finally hit the jackpot.

A gang of roughnecks working high-stakes jobs needed a good fight, and Ronda was the perfect fit. The gang had been hired by one of Gohem’s mega-corporations to sneak into a competitor’s lab and steal an experimental grav-suit prototype developed for the military. Ronda’s job was to provide cover. Boy, did they need cover. They fell into a trap, with Ronda leaving as the only survivor. It wasn’t all bad, though, as Ronda didn’t leave completely empty handed. She walked off with the amazing prototype suit that her gang had been hired to steal!

A month later, all of Gohem was talking about Ronda. Once she managed to figure out how the suit worked, realizing its potential power, Ronda went on a rampage. She had finally realized what her purpose was, the reason she was born: Chaos and Destruction! She began pulling off daring solo bank robberies, leaving nothing behind by ruins and millions of bills floating through the air. The poor prayed for her, and the rich demanded she be brought to justice. Hundreds of military combat drones were called in for the raid. Ronda disabled most of them during the fight, but was eventually overwhelmed and arrested.

That was when Sensei, the legendary Forerunner, stepped in. Sensei saw Ronda on a news broadcast and, in a way that only he understands, saw the Spark within her. A request was sent to Gohem from the Galactic Council and after several months Ronda was brought to the Ritual Planet. A new grav-suit accompanied her, of course.

Ronda loves nothing more to fight and destroy. Now, she’s provided a chance do all this legally, for big bucks, and on a cosmic scale? You could say that Ronda is one of the happiest Heroes on the Ritual Planet.

Skin GalleryEdit


  • During beta-testing, she was called the Demolisher.
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