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Neelu is a healer always on the run to aid her team!

The second Support type introduced, Neelu's main goal of the game is to keep her allies alive. She has low HP and armor and even less attack power, but she really shines with her ability to support, shield, and heal! Star Vortex gives her the ability to attack with slightly more damage, especially towards creeps and minions, and it also has a few useful rune enhancements. Her best abilities let her shield her allies with Natural Protection and heal them greatly with Healing Storm. Meditation also helps keep her health up in between fights, letting her focus on supporting allies during them.

Majority of her rune spread can be divided into two types of support: offensive crowd control or defensive enhancement. She has a few runes that allow her to slow enemies, giving her allies a better chance of finishing off foes or helping them (or herself) retreat, while the other half increases her supportive versatility by enhancing her heals, strengthening her shields, or even removing crowd control effects.


Basic Attack Icon

Basic Attack

Neelu throws small energy balls at her opponents. 
  • Wearying Particles
  • Cosmic Empowerment
Star Vortex Launces a projectile, which flies in a straight path, dealing damage to all enemies hit. Does 120% damage to minions and neutral monsters.
  • Weakening Vortex
  • Piercing Winds
  • Torrential Speed
  • Cosmic Distance
  • Squall
  • Cosmic Retribution
Natural Protection A star falls into the selected area, aiding all allied heroes with a shield that absorbs damage worth 21% of target's maximum health for 10 seconds or until depleted.
  • Iron Shell
  • Nature's Wrath
  • Spontaneity
  • Titan Shell
  • Cleanse Minds
  • Inversion
Healing Storm Hero surrounds herself with a healing storm, sending healing projectiles every 0.5 seconds to the most wounded ally (including the hero) within 5 seconds.
  • Unstoppable Storm
  • Healing Barrage
  • Natural Bond
  • Medic's Sacrifice
  • Rejuvenating Winds
Meditation The hero's self-regeneration increases gradually when 7 seconds out of combat until fully healed or entering combat.
  • Deep Concentration
  • Quick Paws
  • Mental Shell

Runes Edit

All Neelu Runes (2)

Level 1 RunesEdit

Deep Concentration Healing effect of Meditation is increased.
Wearying Particles Third basic attack adds a slowing effect of 20% over 1 second.
Quick Paws Meditation effect increases movement speed by15%.
Cosmic Empowerment Damage of third basic attack increases.

Level 2 RunesEdit

Weakening Vortex Star Vortex applies an effect on enemies that slightly decreases their outgoing damage for 3 seconds.
Piercing Winds Damage of Star Vortex is increased slightly.
Torrential Speed Cooldown of Star Vortex is reduced by 1 second.
Cosmic Distance Maximum casting distance of Star Vortex increases by 1.5.

Level 3 RunesEdit

Iron Shell Shield of Natural Protection absorbs a bit more damage.
Nature's Wrath Natural Protection adds a 5 meter wide field at the seleced location which explodes after 1.5 seconds and deals damage to all foes in the area.
Spontaneity Natural Protection applies the shield effect instantly.
Titan Shell The shield of Natural Protection absorbs much more damage but expires a lot sooner.

Level 4 RunesEdit

Unstoppable Storm Duration of Healing Storm is increased by 2 seconds, but healing effect of each projectile is slightly reduced.
Healing Barrage Duration of the Healing Storm is decreased by half, but every projectile heals more.
Natural Bond Effectiveness of Healing Storm on shielded targets is moderately increased.
Medic's Sacrifice Effectiveness of Healing Storm is greatly increased, but excluds the hero herself.

Level 5 RunesEdit

Squall Star Vortex pushes enemies aside and slows them by 25% for a second.
Cleanse Minds Natural Shield dispels and protects from controlling effects for a second.
Rejuvenating Winds Healing Storm also briefly increases movement speed for each medical projectile received.
Mental Shell Activating Meditation adds an effect that blocks the first incoming crowd control effect.

Level 6 RunesEdit

Inversion Allies under the Natural Protection shield effect are healed when hit by foes.
Cosmic Retribution Upon reaching the end of its flight path, the Star Vortex projectile will explode with a radius of 3 meters, causing emeies to receive more damage and a slow effect for 3 seconds.

Tips and Strategies Edit

Neelu plays best fighting alongside allies. Her survivability and fighting ability alone is middling at best and terrible at worst, although her shield and heals do help in keeping her alive during desperate times. It's her imperative to get hit as little and as few as times as possible. She should constantly be around an ally to help support with shields and healings. Although her Healing Storm doesn't require skill in aiming, her other skills do need you to play smart with timing and positioning. She's useful in both pushing the lane and defending it, keeping her allies topped up with shields and health, allowing them to do whatever job they need to do. Depending on her runes, she can be used to slow down and help kill enemies or enhance her ability to keep her allies alive.

Ability and Rune TipsEdit

  • Basic Attacks
    • Neelu's a long ranged character, so it's perfectly fine keeping her attacking from the back. Every little bit helps. Just be careful of the split-second that she stays still when she's attacking.
    • Her third attack is a long-ranged meteor. It'll help if your enemies are retreating as it doesn't require the projectile to chase them. If they have a small sliver of HP left, you can use it to kill, but be careful of other foes.
    • Wearying Particles also helps with retreating foes, giving your higher-powered allies that small window to finish them off.
  • Star Vortex
    • Can be used to help clear the lane or kill minions, and even Archon kills, but shouldn't be relied on. It's use should depend on the runes equipped on it. It's has a small use as a hit-and-run ability as well, especially with slow enhancements.
    • Paired with Warrior classes, Weakening Vortex helps with keeping them alive, particularly in the first minute or so of the game.
    • Squall is useful for ganking low health opponents who try to run away by pushing them right into your allies' attack range and slowing them down. On another hand, it can also help if you or your allies are retreating and need breathing space.
    • Cosmic Retribution not only slows them down but also increases more damage done - just make sure to time it right so that your allies have their powerful skills at ready to deal the finishing blows. Best utilized with Marksman and/or Assassin teammates.
  • Natural Protection
    • There's a short delay between triggering the skill and the skill's activation. Be careful with the timing - if you can communicate with your team to know that you're using it great, else make sure they're stationary or using static skills before using it.
    • The Spontaneity rune is a godsend if you can't time the delay right. And even then, you can also use it while you and your allies are running either towards the enemy or retreating, keeping all of you on the move.
    • If you're having trouble with units like Sky'lee, Bluebeard, and Candy who have great crowd control abilities, Cleanse Mind can be a saving grace. Just make sure to use it only when under the effects or when you see it coming.
    • Inversion can be used in almost every situation to keep your allies alive. Giving them to Warrior classes gives them a shield AND healing, increasing their tanking ability, while Marksmen and Assassins don't have to worry about being killed in the middle of an attack.
  • Healing Storm
    • Save it for use when you or your allies are at half health, especially for tanks that need to be topped up. Make sure you're close enough to use it, or you'll end up healing yourself or nothing at all. When you're stunned or rooted, however, best use it as soon as you can to make sure you're still alive.
    • With Unstoppable Storm or Healing Barrage, the timing becomes a little more off. The former is more useful at spreading around the heals and keeping everyone up for a long fight, while the latter is best used for healing quickly during intense and quick fights.
    • If you're good at keeping yourself from getting hit or targetted, Medic's Sacrifice is pretty useful. It's also a great combo with Meditation if you actually do get hit.
    • Rejuvenating Winds is a good panic rune, letting you or your low-health allies run when the going gets tough. It can also be used for chasing, but due to the 'heal lowest health' mechanic, it's not that great in that department.
  • Meditation
    • Meditation should be activated whenever you're at low health as much as it can. This allows health buffs to be picked up by your allies when they need it. Don't be afraid to keep yourself out a fight if you need to in order to activate it. Just be close enough to support your allies with shields and healings if they need it.
    • Quick Paws helps you run around a bit. As a support, though, you always want to be supporting an ally, and if you see another ally on another part of the map needing your help, Meditation probably won't activate fast enough for it to make an actual difference. The only exceptions are if you're at the complete opposite end of the map and need to get to the other ASAP, or if you're running away because your teammate got killed.

Combos and Co-opsEdit

  • Solo Combos
    • Without any runes, Neelu doesn't have a lot of combos that she can do herself.
    • Doing Natural Protection in combination with Healing Storm helps the moment your allies look like they're about to die.
  • Rune Combos
    • For maximum slowing capability, Wearying ParticlesSquall, and Cosmic Retribution is great, especially when going for the kill with a high-powered ally. You can maximize it's effectiveness by combining them with the Torrential Speed rune.
    • Combining Weakening Vortex with either Iron Shell or Titan Shell gives your tanks a little more staying power.
    • Using Inversion with either Iron / Titan Shell also gives more healing per percent.
    • To get the most out of Rejuvenating Winds, if you're using it, use it conjunction with Unstoppable Barrage so that there's more speed-buffing projectiles to go around.
  • Notable Character Co-ops
    • Neelu's favorite tank and ally is Bluebeard. Amongst the Warriors, he arguably has the best staying power due to his Restoration active ability and Regeneration passive ability. Support him with timely heals and shields, and you can make sure he never dies. He can also keep dangrous enemies off you with Capture and Trap if the going starts to look dangerous.
  • Notable Opponents
    • While also her best ally, Bluebeard can also be her worst nightmare.
    • Practically all Assassin class. Neelu's as squishy as they come, and more often than not, her shields and heals won't be able to hold off an onslaught of hardhitting or stunning attacks if you're caught alone.
      • If you have any of the slow runes, make sure to use it against them when retreating. Keep your shield up on you at all times - it might be the only difference. Be wary of being near bushes when you don't see the enemy Assassin on the map, especially when you're on the lane.


Neelu belongs, to the Eyok tribe. She was trained to become a druid - more precisely, a tech druid from a very young age. Even before the training was completed, the Forerunners recognzed the power of nature inside her and took her to their shelter. Without hesitation, she joined them to fight in the arena and aid those in need!

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