“myMOBA” is a title given to Fast Forward's handling Planet of Heroes' entire development process. While their own internal plans are set, they think very highly of the people that take an interest in their game and want to provide them with as many opportunities to influence it as possible.

During the game’s creation and beyond, you’ll frequently find feedback discussions relating to specific subjects ranging from map layouts, cameras, and so on. In these news, they will ask the community to provide direct input into each subject. All of this feedback will be discussed by the developers who will then take into account what YOU want Planet of Heroes to be!

How does it work? Edit

1 - Developers request feedback regarding a specific subject.

2 - Community members provide valuable input and opinions regarding topic.

3 - Development Team analyzes feedback internally to discern the best options.

4 - Collected feedback is adjusted as necessary and implemented into Planet of Heroes!

The Council Edit

The Council is a group of specialists, developers, industry insiders, or influential members of the community that are given a direct line of communication with the Planet of Heroes team. They provide more specific information or feedback regarding a wide variety of subjects that may not be achievable with the community alone.

The lead of the Council is COWSEP - a full-time streamer living in Korea playing and streaming League of Legends anywhere from 200 too 300 hours a month on Twitch.

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