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You cannot run. You cannot hide. There is no terrifying hunter in the game than Leon. Once he's targetted you, running away is impossible, especially due to his abilities. Tracker's Blade will chase after you, and once it strikes, the hunt begins. His Tracker's Frenzy will ensure that he will outspeed you, and once he catches you, you're done for. This doesn't include his powerful Plasma Blast, leaving behind a fresh burning pile of heroes in it's wake. Be careful when you turn your back to him, or he will punish you with Slice Achilles' Heel.

Leon's runeset prioritizes his ability to rain non-stop attacks on his foes. His best weapon is his basic attack, which means he has a number of runes that increases his ability to do so, while his other runes complement that by disabling his foes with a number of effects, primarily slowing his hunt down or speeding him up to make sure he can't be escaped.


Basic Attack Icon

Basic Attack

  • Tracker's Strength
  • Tracker's Hunt
  • Tracker's Swiftness
  • Tracker's Persistence
Tracker's Blade

Throws a blade at the target, dealing moderate damage and applying a slow effect for 3sec.

  • Balanced Blade
  • Bouncing Blade
  • Cutting Blade
  • Forceful Blade
  • Numbing Blade
  • Silencing Blade
Plasma Blast Channels a plasma orb through the lance and sends it on a straight path, exploding in a blast and dealing damage in a 1.5m radius area in the end or upon colliding with a foe.
  • Culling Blast
  • Devastating Blast
  • Tracing Blast
  • Chain Blast
  • Tracker's Blast
  • Unstable Blast
Tracker's Frenzy Hero goes frenzy, thereby increasing movement speed by 30%, attack speed by 60%, and takes 20% less incoming damage.
  • Tracker's Bloodthirst
  • Everlasting Frenzy
  • Terrifying Frenzy
  • Blessed Frenzy
Slice Achilles' Heel Hitting a foe from behind with a basic attack will apply a 25% slow effect for 0.5sec.
  • Tracker's Malice
  • Achilles' Woes

Runes Edit

Level 1 RunesEdit

Balanced Blade The well-balanced blade can be thrown 1m further.
Bouncing Blade The blade bounce to two additional targets but will not slow them.
Cutting Blade The blade hitsthe foe's legs, resulting in a moderately stronger slow effect.
Forceful Blade Hero throws the blade forcefully, which doesn't apply the slow but deals almost double the damage.

Level 2 RunesEdit

Tracker's Strength Basic attacks are executed with more power and increase in damage.
Tracker's Malice The attack cuts deeper into the foe's heel, resulting in a stronger slow effect.
Tracker's Hunt The hero hunts more efficiently and deals additional huge damage with every third basic attack against neutral monsters and minions.
Tracker's Swiftness The hero pursues his targer more vigorously and receives a movement speed boost by 25% for 1sec with every third basic attack.

Level 3 RunesEdit

Culling Blast Plasma Blast deals huge additional damage to those enemies whose HP are below 50%.
Devastating Blast Plasma Blast explosion damage and range are increased.
Tracing Blast Plasma Blast maximum range is increased by 2m more.
Chain Blast Plasma Blast cooldown is reduced by 2sec.

Level 4 RunesEdit

Tracker's Bloodthirst Basic attacks under the effect of Tracker's Frenzy heals the hero by1% of maximum HP.
Numbing Blade Throwing the Tracker's Blade under the effect of Tracker's Frenzy decreases its target's outgoingg damage by 30% for 5sec.
Tracker's Blast Plasma Blast used under the effect of Tracker's Frenzy instantly refreshes the Tracker's Blade ability.
Everlasting Frenzy The effect of Tracker's Frenzy now lasts 2sec longer.

Level 5 RunesEdit

Achilles' Woes Slice Achilles' Heal has a 25% chanceto root the enemy in place for 1sec.
Silencing Blade Tracker's Blade additional silences the enemy hit for 1sec.
Unstable Blast Plasma Blast instantly pulls enemies within a 2.5m radius and slows them by 60% for 1sec.
Terrifying Frenzy The first basic attack under the effect of Tracker's Frenzy will stun the enemy for 1sec.

Level 6 RunesEdit

Tracker's Persistence Every 5 consecutive basic attacks grant a stacking effect which will cause huge damage with the 6th hit. The effect expires if the break between attacks is more than 3sec. 
Blessed Frenzy Tracker's Frenzy also bestows the hero with a shield that absorbs damage up to 15% of maximum HP.

Tips and Strategies Edit


Ability and Rune TipsEdit

  • Basic Attacks
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  • Tracker's Blade
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  • Plasma Blast
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  • Tracker's Frenzy
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  • Slice Achilles' Heel
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  • Rune Combos
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