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Iffir is an evil warlock, who's past had made him take the path of darkness. Currently, he wants to join the Devourer's henchmen and to achieve that, he signed up to the arena to find out more about the Devourer and the Arena. Iffir wields the magic of corruption, which was obscured by the temple of the Forerunners.

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Icon Name Description
Crystal Spear

Iffir shoots a crystal at his foes. It splitts on collision and hits enemies behind the hit target

Forceful Wave Iffir sends forth a wave of crystals that pushes away enemy heroes and slows them.
Ring of Thorns Iffir places an AoE on the ground that does damage to all enemies passing through it.
Spellweaving After using any spell Iffir's movement speed is increased.

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