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Dozer is a mighty tank using his brutal strength to destroy everyone in his way.

This rhinocerous juggernaut can both definitely take the beating as well as dish out just hard. With Static Shield, he is currently the only warrior class with a skill that gives himself a shield without any rune enhancements. He can also throw his foes right into towers or his allies range with Horn Fling. His pride and glory, however, and the true mark of his rhinocerous DNA is in Battering Ram, charging right into the fray. And all of his abilities are compounded with Volatile Voltages that shock anyone that gets in his way!

Oddly enough, he has the fewest defensive runes among all the Warriors, with only two healing runes and two shield runes. However, he has a number of damage enhancers and a plethora of stunning runes that make it harder for his opponents to counter his attacks, and those are where he truly shines.


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Basic Attack

Dozers first and second attacks punch a single target with a great swing. The third attack deals damage in a small area.
  • Greater Rift
  • Chain Lightning
Static Shield Activates a shield worth 20% of hero's maximum health for 8sec.
  • Capacitive Field
  • Unstable Currents
  • Resonance Therapy
  • Fast Recharge
  • Horrifying Shards
Horn Fling Fling Dozer's main target in close range over his head and stuns it for 1sec.
  • Mass Fling
  • Raging Fling
  • Wide Fling
  • Quick Fling
  • Disarmament
Battering Ram Dozer charges forward until a set distance or colliding with and stunning an enemy hero, knocking up all foes around him as he comes to a halt.
  • Protected Ram
  • Electric Discharge
  • Disposed Weakness
  • Aftershock
  • Concussion Ram
  • Stunning Ram
  • Mass Discharge
Volatile Voltages Whenever Dozer uses an ability, he will cover himself with a small electric field, dealing moderate d
  • Wave Therapy
  • Overcharge
  • Electric Paralysis


All Dozer Runes

Level 1 Runes[]

Capacitive Field Static Shield absorbs more damage.
Unstable Currents Static Shield explodes at the end of its duration, dealing small damage in a 3m radius.
Resonance Therapy Whenever enemies deal damage against the Static Shield, it will restore a little HP to Dozer.
Fast Recharge Static Shield cooldown reduced by 1sec.

Level 2 Runes[]

Wave Therapy Volatile Voltages restore some HP to Dozer.
Greater Rift The third basic attack deals more damage in a larger area.
Overcharge Volatile Voltages does more damage.
Chain Lightning The first two basic attacks cause chain lightning that influct huge damage to creeps and neutral creatures.

Level 3 Runes[]

Mass Fling Using Horn Fling, Dozer flings all foes around his initial target too.
Raging Fling When enemy is thrown with Horn Fling, his ipact deals moderate damage in a 2.5m radius around the landing zone.
Wide Fling Dozer throws enemies 2.5m furhter using Horn Fling.
Quick Fling Cooldown of Horn Fling is reduced by 3 seconds.

Level 4 Runes[]

Protected Ram Using Battering Ram also gives the hero a shield worth 5% of his maximum health for 4sec.
Electric Discharge When Dozer reaches the end of the track or stumbles into an enemy with Battering Ram, he deals moderate damage around himself.
Disposed Weakness Enemies hit by Battering Ram suffer from increased incoming damage by 20% for 4.5sec.
Aftershock Enemies hit by Battering Ram suffer from decreassed movement speed by 37% for 4sec.

Level 5 Runes[]

Horrifying Shards If enemies destroy Static Shield, it will explode, causing Panic for nearby foes for 1.3sec.
Disarmament After being thrown, enemy heroes cannot use basic attacks for 2.5sec.
Concussion Ram The target hit by Battering Ram is stunned for 1.5sec longer.
Electric Paralysis If enemies hit Dozer while Volatile Voltages are active, there will be a 30% chance of being stunned for 1sec.

Level 6 Runes[]

Stunning Ram Battering Ram distance is 1.5m longer, and upon reaching the maximum distance or colliding with an enemy hero, all foes within 3m are stunned for 1.5sec.
Mass Discharge Battering Ram applies a very powerful electric damage-over-time effect instead of knocking up enemies.

Tips and Strategies[]


Ability and Rune Tips[]

  • Basic Attacks
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  • Static Shield
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  • Horn Fling
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  • Battering
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  • Volatile Voltages
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Combos and Co-ops[]

  • Solo Combos
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  • Rune Combos
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  • Notable Character Co-ops
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  • Notable Opponents
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Klaus von Dozerfurt is an outstanding scientist, experimenter, and winner of numerous awards for genetic engineering has always wanted to be a little stronger and a little less clever. Why? From childhood, Klaus wanted to join the Guardians and to lead troops to defend the innocent against the dangers of the galaxy.

However, the Guardians, not only did not accept Klaus in their ranks but also quite sharply ridiculed the "lab rat, who can only handle flasks." This, devastated von Dozerfurt. He swore to himself to become stronger at any cost and prove those arrogant Guardians that he is worth to be a part of the squad!

No one can say today when von Dozerfurt began to conduct experiments on himself, everyone just saw the results. The bio-material of a Rhinoceros perfectly matched with the DNA of Klaus, turning it into something more than just a man. Klaus von Dozerfurt was no longer here - his place was taken by Dozer, a mortally dangerous criminal and wanted by the Guardian Corps.

One must say, Dozer does not hide from them - on the contrary, he happily enters the fray with the Guardians wherever they may be! The newest hobby of this walking tank became runs in and out of the citadel! Dozer deliberately gives himself up, to make another grand escape from the citadel and thus proving the prison faulty. As they say, to each his own...

Using a unique combat system developed back when Klaus von Dozerfurt was still around, Dozer became an unstoppable machine of destruction. And he is willing to break anyone who doubts his power... especially the Guardians!

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