Simply put, Planet of Heroes is effortlessly playable with just two thumbs (or other preferred fingers) while holding your mobile device in a horizontal position.

The left side of the screen displays the control area for your hero’s movement which are rather straightforward. Place your thumb or finger onto the screen and a circular interface element will appear - a joystick.  You can use your thumb or finger to drag it anywhere in a 360 degree motion resulting in the aforementioned movement in that specific direction.

On the right side is where you find your Heroes' attacks and abilities. The interface itself has four buttons – the larger of which being your main attack along with three skills around the outside.  Due to the simplified controls for the mobile device, targeting functions differently than one may be accustomed. Using your basic attack is as simple as holding the button and an AOE (Area-of-effect) ring will surround your hero. This radius shows the distance of your basic attack and any NPC or enemy player within the area will be attacked automatically with a series of blows. The system will prioritize enemy heroes.

Skills on the other hand vary but the basic functionality remains mostly identical. Holding the button of the skill you want to use will allow viewing of its radius, range, and aiming the ability if necessary – Releasing the button will result in its activation. Abilities are aimed the same way as the character moves; Simply sliding your finger around to change direction of the attack or location towards your intended target.