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Candy is a hard-hitting ranged assassin, utilizing her outstanding sports knowledge to send deadly pitches towards her opponents.


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Basic Attack

Candy throws a baseball over a long distance at her opponents.

  • Ricochet
  • Slap in the Face
  • Superlight Ball
Shock Balls Throw 13 balls in the selected area that explode when enemies run up to them. When the enemy blows up 3 balls in a row, he gets stunned.
  • Chain Reaction
  • Vulnerable Target
  • Mighty Throw
  • Reinforced Shock
  • Full Sap
Slide Slide in the selected direction and then accelerate for 2sec. During the slide, hero avoids enemy projectiles and spells
  • Long Slide
  • Speed Training
  • Releasing Slide
  • Protective Slide
  • Kicking Slide
Supersonic Ball Launch a ball, which flies in a straight line and explodes when its a hero / neutral monster or is t the end of its path. Damage is increased dynamically with every moment of flight up to 125%.
  • Twisted Throw
  • Hitting the Stumbled
  • Hand Hit
  • Refreshing Throw
  • Blast Wave
  • Sonic Wave
Strikeout After using 3 abilities, the hero gets the champion ball, which can be alunced with the next supersonic ball or 3rd basic attack and inflict additional damage.
  • Devastating Ball
  • Baserun
  • Broken Teeth


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Level 1 Runes[]

Chain Reaction Each subsequent Shock Ball causes a 33% stronger explosion than the previous target.
Vulnerable Target Shock Balls apply a debuff on the target that increases damage taken from basic attacks and abilities of the hero by 15% for 3.5sec.
Mighty Throw Use range of Shock Balls is increased by 1m.
Reinforced Shock Slow down effect of the Shock Balls is 0.5sec longer and 10% more effective.

Level 2 Runes[]

Devastating Ball Damage of the champion ball is increased by 36 on Supersonic Ball and 25/8/7 on the 3rd base attack.
Ricochet 3rd base attack ball ricochets 4 times, and all bounces deal 37 damage.
Slap in the Face Damage to the main target of the 3rd base attack is increased by 9.
Baserun After releasing the champion ball, Candy accelerates her movement speed by 2sec by 50%.

Level 3 Runes[]

Long Slide Increases range of Slide by 1m.
Speed Training Acceleration effect of Slide is 15% stronger and lasts 1.25sec longer.
Releasing Slide Slide dispels negative effects as well as roots and slows from Candy.
Protective Slide Slide applies a buff on Candy that reduces damage taken by 33% for 3sec.

Level 4 Runes[]

Twisted Throw Supersonic Ball may fly 4 meters farther and its maximum damage is increased.
Hitting the Stumbled Supersonic Ball damage to targets under control effects is increased by 61.
Hand Hit Supersonic Ball applies a debuff on target that decreases outgoing damage by 30% for 4.5sec.
Refreshing Throw Candy is healed by 25% of Supersonic Ball damage.

Level 5 Runes[]

Full Snap Stun from Shock Balls triggers after 2 explosions instead of 3.
Kicking Slide Slide performed through the enemy hero kicks him aside and slow by 35% for 2sec.
Blast Wave Supersonic Ball pushes the target away by 2.5 meters and slows by 35% for 2sec.
Broken Teeth Champion ball effect silences the enemy by2.5sec.

Level 6 Runes[]

Superlight Ball Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Supersonic Ball for 1sec each.
Sonic Wave Supersonic Ball gets explosion radius increased up to 3 meters and damage increased by 27.

Tips and Strategies[]


Ability and Rune Tips[]

  • Basic Attacks
    • TBA
  • Shock Balls
    • TBA
  • Slide
    • TBA
  • Supersonic Ball
    • TBA
  • Strikeout
    • TBA

Combos and Co-ops[]

  • Solo Combos
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  • Rune Combos
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  • Notable Character Co-ops
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  • Notable Opponents
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Candy grew up in one of the quieter areas of the galaxy, Heropolis, spending most of her childhood playing Spaceball. In fact, she was quite infatuated with the sport to the point where she would sacrifice her studies, private life, and other youthful pleasures to chase her dream of becoming a star on a galactic scale! Understandably, due to her slender size, few considered this tiny girl capable of becoming famous in such a difficult sport of all things.

It’s most likely this opposition that pushed Candy to never give up – no matter the pain nor ridicule of her peers, she continued to practice each and every day. Finally, she passed the qualifying round to be a part of a small local team, the Crushers, which had just started to make a name of themselves in the big leagues. It is on the Crushers that Candy met coach Bronx Fastrana, an old Spaceball legend and winner of the prestige “Golden Pitcher” award.

This meeting was Candy’s turning point in life.

Bronx immediately saw the potential within Candy and began to personally train her. Thanks greatly to Candy’s incredible skills, and ability to absorb all her training like a sponge, the Crushers began to move from league to league, beating all comers. Eventually they were invited to participate in the intergalactic championship “Prima Unity”. This is when it was decided to rename the Crushers to “Candy’s Crushers” and make Candy captain of the team. With this new name, the team has become a three-time champion and has won not only a vast amount of awards, but also the unconditional love of the crowd.

But Candy wasn’t satisfied with these victories – she wanted to prove to herself that this was both not the zenith of her abilities and that her skill would not be lost on meager on sports. Her years of training had to become useful somewhere else, too.

So Candy made her decision – she would go to the Arena! She would seek out the place where the sparks shine so brightly that even the huge stadium’s floodlights paled in comparison. This is Candy’s path. It’s here, in the Arena, that she can show everyone the full potential of her abilities.

Skin Gallery[]